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AUXdesign is the umbrella under which James Tucker does digital design work. This includes websites, print work, and the occasional piece of free form art. This site currently stands as the portfolio for some of this work. So from here, enjoy what you see, and see what you enjoy.

AUXdesign version 3.5 launched
Uploaded new flyers

Check the flyers page for some new additions.

AUXdesign version 3.5 launched
The new launched!

Welcome to AUXdesign v3.5 (Beta2)! Why v3.5? Well v3.0 was only live for a few days and I wasn't happy with it. So onto to 3.5 I went. The content is the same as v3.0, but 3.5 in in v2.0 CSS layout! This site is fully CSS and tableless, with PHP and a database to help streamline its operation. Yes, the design is very simple, but that is exactly how I wanted it. I'm still adding and testing btw.